The photographs in this book were taken over a 25 year period on various analogue cameras: mainly portraits of loved ones, all black and white. They have been arranged in this book across double-page spreads that rotate by 45 degrees each time the page is turned. When properly viewed, the book will have its reader slowly revolving this big handsome object; whirling the book methodically around and around in front of their face with an absurd determination. Staring into a sort of vortex that they’re making in the act of looking at it. Inside the vortex, swirling and looping darkly down; all these beautiful/gnarly images, so often so love-loaded, from the days and nights of Edson’s life. Lots of travel, lots of friends, lots of street life, lots of caning it tbh: these are the things we see down the rabbit hole of ‘Rabbit Hole’. Edson diligently burrowing for a quarter of a century: his flickering fractured autobiography in photographs of mates, views, dogs (this guy loves dogs!) Hectic situations: a lot of blur, smoke, mirrors, lines, booze, agony and ecstasy, D Double E on the mic, Morph eating a pizza topped with chips. Round and round we go.
MPK STUDIO is a small independent press that self-publishes collaborative projects organised around ideas and friendships, bound by the love of print.
Naarm (Melbourne, Australia)